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Image of AKG Q350



AKG Q350

Q350s make for a sleek and stylish upgrade to any portable device without compromising best-in-class sound or comfort. Designed for durability and high output with the precise, unfiltered acoustics that have made AKG headphones the studio standard for...

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Image of All 1850UKRU4P



All 1850UKRU4P

Are you a frequent traveler in need of many power strips while abroad that ideally also can be used back home? The PowerCube ReWirable can help. You don't need a universal socket while traveling, but a universal plug. With this concept, Allacacoc found...

from  £24.99
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All 7300UKEXPC

Besides four power outlets and a 1.5m cable, the PowerCube Extended enables consumers to charge cell phones, cameras, MP3-players, GPS and more. The added removable mounting dock allows you to mount the products, whether it is against the wall, on or...

from  £14.99
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