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Image of 32GB USB 3.0 Probo Flash Pen Drive - Black

32GB USB 3.0 Probo Flash Pen Drive - Black

The Probo USB Flash Pen from Hama provides the perfect portable solution for data storage and transfer, with its highly compact design that allows it to slip into a pocket or bag and detachable neck strap permitting secure wear as a pendant, for quick...

Image of 331C Big Button Corded Telephone

331C Big Button Corded Telephone

The Doro 331C Big Button Corded Telephone was created to make using a telephone as simple as can be. Big buttons on a clear and spacious keypad make dialling easier than ever and photo memories connect you with special people at the simple press of a...

Image of 332 PhoneEasy GSM Phone

332 PhoneEasy GSM Phone

The Doro 332 has all the essential functionality to make it an easy to use, every day mobile phone. Its stylish design makes it a big button phone for everyone, with the added features of amplified sound, vibration alert, dedicated memory keys, simplified...

Image of 3525 Concept Combo Telephone Answer Machine

3525 Concept Combo Telephone Answer Machine

This Binatone Concept 3525 twin combo set of telephones has a built-in answer machine with personalised recording facility and boasts 50 name and number memories - ensuring you can quickly ring your contacts. Complete with call log, transfers, waiting...

Image of 360 SIP Phone

360 SIP Phone

Additional sophisticated call control features, full call detail, configuration options and online help can be accessed via browser from the attached PC. Customized ring tones can be downloaded without any hassle from the web server - including, of course,...

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Image of 370 IP Telephone

370 IP Telephone

The Snom 370 has a large graphical, high-def display, and offers a much improved and additional presentation of call-lists, caller information and address-books. Call information can be customised with ease via XML to show the information the user wants...

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Image of 38 Button Expansion Module

38 Button Expansion Module

Yealink EXP38 Expansion Module is designed for improving the power and flexibility of the Yealink advanced IP phones SIP-T26P and SIP-T28P.It features 38 fully programmable DSS keys each with a dual-color LED, connected to and controlled by the IP Phone...

Image of 3G N Desktop Router

3G N Desktop Router

With the Zoom 4501 3G Wireless-N Desktop Router, your computers, mobile phones, and gaming consoles can share a high-speed Wireless-N connection to the Internet through your 3G mobile broadband USB modem. Just plug your USB Modem into the Zoom 4501...

Image of 3G Wireless-N Travel Router

3G Wireless-N Travel Router

Now you and your associates with WiFi-enabled devices can share a mobile broadband connection to the Internet. Computers, mobile phones, gaming devices, music players, cameras and more can access the Internet wherever you can obtain a mobile broadband...

Image of 3M Four-way Extension Lead: Loose

3M Four-way Extension Lead: Loose

Extension lead that enables you to plug in four sockets in one convenient place. Three metres long, this lead is ideal for business or the home.